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As K-Beauty and K-Medical are loved all over the world, many people want to experience K-Beauty and K-Medical. MacroCNS provides beauty tour programs with various contents so that foreigners can experience K-Beauty and K-Medical with the most satisfaction based on our know-how in the medical tourism industry. Make a trip where you can feel the warm heart and beauty of Korea.

KMTC (Korea Medical Tourism Cloud Platform)

MacroCNS operates a Medical Tourism Cloud Platform to increase reliability of medical tourism in Korea. The Medical Tourism Cloud Platform - KMTC, developed with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, not only enhances the convenience of tourists, but also raises the international status of the K-Beauty Tour by providing reasonable prices and transparent information.
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보유특허 및 등록증

전문인력 및 기술력을 통해 보다 안정적이고 질 높은 서비스를 제공합니다.

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제 10-2203474 호

의료관광 스마트 마케팅 방법 특허증

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제 2016114403 호

기업부설연구소 인정서

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ICE 2018-77-001512GH

기술평가 우수기업 인증서

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